The Best Breakfast in the World

I won't keep you guessing, I'll just tell you right now. Peaches and walnuts.

That's it, that's all of it. Summer in a bowl! Slice up a ripe peach and toss in a handful of walnuts... you're good to go. With peaches like the ones we have out front, you don't even need any sugar.  Just look at that color! Can you think of a better way to start your day? The Best Breakfast in The World, right there in your own kitchen. If it was January I would be saying otherwise, but this is August in WNY after all.

If you want variety we can help you out with that too. In our market right now we have:

Early Apples (Paula Red),   Prunes,   Plums,   Red Haven Peaches (Freestone),   Sweet Peppers,   Eggplant,   Zucchini,   Summer Squash,   Hot Peppers,   Cucumbers,   Pickles,    Beets,   Tomatoes,  Plum Tomatoes,   Yellow Cherry Tomatoes,   Low Acid Yellow Tomatoes,   SWEET CORN!

Produce is available in any quantity, from individual pieces to bushels. It's best to order ahead of time (585)637-2600. It's preserving season! Can it, freeze it, dry it.  Homegrown and Homemade - it doesn't get any better.