Delicious Days of Summer

Summer is in full swing and all of that delicious homegrown produce you've been craving is finally here!

Kirby's Homegrown: Tomatoes,  Peaches,  Sour Cherries,  Sweet Corn,  Zucchini,  Summer Squash,  Cucumbers,  Kirby Pickles,  Dill,  Garlic,  Swiss Chard,  Beets,  Sweet Green Peppers,  Jalapenos,  Sweet Hungarian Peppers

Locally Grown: Blueberries, Carrots, Rush's Potatoes, Green Beans, Onions

We'll have your produce ready to go at the pickup time that's best for you, weather pending. Just call to place an order. (585)637-2600

Any favorite recipes out there? We love hearing about what you do with the produce you take home.