Community Supported Agriculture at kirby's

2018 marks the eighth CSA season at Kirby’s Farm Market. Our CSA program is the result of research, experience, and feedback from our members. We are always adjusting to make this unique partnership between farmer and member a perfect fit!

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By purchasing a CSA share you are investing in good health and local agriculture. Community members with an interest in being more directly involved with local farms purchase a share at the beginning of the season. In return you receive a box of fresh, seasonal produce every week, and the chance to learn more about where your food comes from than you ever would at the grocery store.

Your box will contain a selection of produce that's in season at that moment. A CSA share is your chance to eat like a farmer! And trust us on this one, that’s a very good thing.

Each CSA Farm is a little different. If you look around on, you’ll find that it’s not just the types of fruits and vegetables or the pricing that differs. Each farm offers something special. Here at Kirby’s, our forty-four years of farming experience gives our CSA shares a big benefit. Over those forty-four years we’ve perfected our growing methods for dozens of crops. This means that you get more variety in your box, of consistent high quality, including fruit like strawberries, apples, peaches and plums. Our commitment to providing the best fruits and vegetables we can, will be just as evident in our CSA boxes as it is on our market tables.

You also receive special items like IQF fruit, our own honey, occasional spice blends from Tranquility Herbals, and in the Spring we pack high quality apples from CA storage.

2018 at a Glance:

  • Sign-up deadlines – Open Enrollment, with sign up bonuses for those that commit by April 1st, and May 1st. It's August right now, and you are still welcome to join us for the rest of the season! Prices are prorated. When you sign up in our online store, you will only be charged for the remainder of the season.

  • 250 Shares Available

  • Receive a weekly share for a regular season of 23 weeks

  • Full Share: for a typical household of 3-6

  • Half Share: for a typical household of 1-3

  • Quarter Share: a weekly sample, for those with less time to cook. Read more here.

  • Chomper: four week share available for the months of July, August, or September. Order any time, up to one week before pickup.

  • Nibbler: one week share available July-September, order one week in advance