Locally Grown Produce

Western New York is one of the best places to farm in the country. We've worked with some of our neighbors for over a decade, and they help us fill in the few crops we don't grow ourselves.  


Blueberries - Fabry's Gardens at Colehill, Holley, NY
Big, sweet-tart blueberries grown about 10 miles away.

Mushrooms - Willow Harvest Organics, Brockport, NY
Fresh shiitake mushrooms grown right here in Brockport, NY! We also carry a selection of their dried mushrooms, including Porcini, Chanterelle, and "Mixed Forest Bolettes".

Potatoes - Rush's Farm Market, Waterport, NY
Most of our potatoes come from Rush Farms in Waterport, NY. They have the best quality potatoes we’ve ever come across! As soon as potato season hits we have 5lb bags of red and white regular potatoes available, and 2qt baskets of salt potatoes. 50lb and 20lb bags show up in mid-October and usually last until early December.  These late season potatoes are cured so they will keep well into the winter.

Carrots and Onions, Vercruysse Farms, Rochester NY

Green Beans - Lynette & Sons, Kendall, NY

Raspberries - Kalir Farms, Clarkson, NY