If you've never heard of Individually Quick Frozen Sour Cherries before, you're going to be excited.  In a previous post I told you about our annual IQF Cherry special, giving our customers a chance to order 20 or 40 lbs of IQF cherries. For over a decade they've been available for two days only. This year we added on something completely different. 4lb bags of IQF sour cherries are available at Kirby's  now and until we close December 24th. Neatly stacked in a freezer on the back wall, these delicious little pacakges are just waiting to be made into pie, cobbler, sorbet, cocktails, smoothies, muffins, would be easy to spend the winter experimenting with dozens of recipes like these! Of course you don't have to wait until the snow flies to enjoy frozen sour cherries. They're one of the best solutions to this hot, humid, weather that I know of!

All IQF cherries are pitted with no sugar added.