Summer on the Farm


The hottest months of the year contain an ongoing balancing act with rain and irrigation; keeping an eye on dozens of crops as they're planted, grown and harvested; and we're loving the arrival of each new fruit and vegetable... Summer is a busy, busy, time! And we won't stop until the Apple harvest is over.

  • As summer comes and goes, each crop arrives, peaks, and leaves for another year, one after another. Cherries, Peaches, Tomatoes, Peppers - each delicious, beautiful and so good for us!
  • The Kirby family has sweet corn and cucumber-tomato salad for dinner every night.
  • Bushels, pecks, quarts, and pints of fruits and vegetables cover our tables at the market, make their way to wholesale customers, and fill CSA shares every week.
  • It's too hot for anything to live in our big greenhouse, so annuals are moved outdoors. Everything is watered at least once a day, sometimes twice.
  • Eventually early apple varieties arrive. As soon as Jersey Mac and Gingergold appear, we know that Fall is just around the corner.
  • People aren't content to wait for labor day - they're buying bushels of tomatoes and peaches to put up, corn and broccoli to freeze, filling cupboards and freezers with the jewels of summer.