Kirby Pumpkins and Roc Brewing Company

 Pickin' Pumpkins with the Brewer

Jon of Roc City Brewing Company came by our pumpkin patch about a week ago, to pick up pumpkins destined to mingle with some hops. It was a lot of fun to discuss the farm, pumpkins, brewing and distilling with such an inspired, enthusiastic person! That weekend, six pie pumpkins and two Cinderella pumpkins were roasted and added to the brewing process for three new pumpkin beers.  I can't wait to taste them!  Here's a photo of Jon's haul on Facebook.

Boos & Brews at the Brewery!

The big event,  to celebrate the season and these new seasonal beer, happens on October 26th at the brewery.  Go to their event page for details. I'll be there with a nice display of pumpkins and other fall things. It sounds like  it's going to be a fun event! Stop by and say hi, and wear a costume!!


Customer Appreciation Day 2011!


Every year on November 11th we have a celebration at Kirby's to thank you, our customers.

We hope you can tell how much you're appreciated all year long, whenever you step inside our market. But if you stop by the market today you'll definitely find more then a smile and a helpful attitude!

  • All of our gift shop items are 20% off!
  • $2.00 off all apple shipping orders (today only)
  • Product Sampling and refreshments!

For product sampling this year we made the cornbread and chilli made from Country Home Creations mixes (both delicious!).


Try some homemade applesauce made with nothing but cinnamon, apples from our special Kirbygrown applesauce mix, and our own cider.

You can also sample "Mom's Best" Applecake, and enjoy a free cup of fresh coffee or Kirby's Hot Apple Cider to go with it.

It's been hopping ever since we opened our doors at 10 am, with all sorts of people getting an early start on their holiday shopping. We hope you have a chance to stop in! We're open until 6pm.

Sweet, Cold, and Delicious

IQF Cherry Pickup! Call Now to Place Your Orders


Pick up Dates Are:  Friday, August 5th 9am to Noon

Saturday August 6th, 9am to Noon


IQF Blueberries - 30 lbs

IQF Sour Cherries - 20 lbs or 40 lbs

***NEW!  IQF Sweet Cherries - 40lbs ***

Please note that we don't have enough freezer space to store frozen  fruit past noon. Come as close to 9am as you can to make sure your cherries thaw as little as possible!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Do you have a favorite sour cherry recipe? Post it as a comment on this post for a chance to win 4lbs of IQF Cherries! A winner will be randomly selected on August 5th.



Have you ever seen a cherry shaker?

They look pretty strange. There are two very similar halves that go on either side of the tree, each driven independently by a 'tractor', tucked beneath a large, moveable, piece of yellow canvas stretched on a metal framework. A big pair of retractable pincers is nestled in the middle of one half. The pincers grab the tree and shake it! Ripe cherries tumble onto the canvas and cascade down the angled fabric, while a conveyor belt on the other half of the machine catches the cherries, sending them into a giant bin full of water and ice.  I can totally imagine the thought process that went into designing this contraption!

The Kirby brothers (Francis, George, Bob, and John) invested in a cherry shaker together around 1980. Every year each farm would send a representative or two to help out as the cherry shaker made it's way from orchard to orchard. You need a truck driver, someone to man both halves of the shaker, people to drive the tractor or two moving bins around and loading them on the truck, as well as several people to fill bins with ice and water.

My empathy for trees and the serious demeanor of everyone involved, combined with the activity, noise, and vibrations in a place normally so quiet and tranquil, all added up to make quite the impression on my seven year old mind. Every year we would go out to the orchard to watch. If you're interested, there are some videos on youtube showing how the different parts of a cherry shaker work! I'll try to get some photos up of our cherry harvest this year.

The Kirby clan has sent many tons of cherries to the processor over the years. Only a small fraction goes to market as fresh fruit because they just don't keep that long. (They're fresh picked in the market RIGHT NOW, grab 'em while you can!) The cherries are washed, pitted, and frozen at the processors. From there they go to various companies to be made into pie fillings, juices, etcetera.

For decades large tins of frozen cherries, some of them sugared, were available to retailers and the public. Anyone remember those? My Dad made a trip to Middleport twice a year, bringing back a truckload of frozen cherries to fill the orders. People line up in the front room, pick up their cherries, pay at the register, and whisk them away to their freezers to enjoy a year of pies, cobblers, and other cherry dishes. It goes like clockwork!Sour Cherry Dessert

There aren't too many things that have changed over the years...

Instead of a tin full of frozen cherries that often stuck together in blocks, the fruit is now quick frozen so they pour out like marbles, and packed in large blue plastic bags. After a fire closed the plant in Middleport, we now get our truckload of IQF cherries from Holley Cold Pack, along with IQF Blueberries.

The biggest change is that you can get IQF fruit from Kirby's whenever we're open, May-December. We have a freezer in the market  full of 4-8 pound bags of fruit - sweet cherries, sour cherries, and blueberries. We still have the big IQF event each year (coming up soon!) because as always, you save money by ordering large amounts.


(585) 637-2600


End of the Year Sales

Today marks the beginning of the end of the season for us here at Kirby's! There are only five more days left until we close for the winter at 2pm on Friday, December 24th. It is traditional for us to run sales the last week of the year. As a special Holiday thank you, our Poinsettias are 25 % off. It's time to stock up on homegrown produce for the winter! As of today, our Kirbygrown apples are all 25% off.  While you're here, don't forget the keeping potatoes from Rush's - they'll store very well and last for months.

All gift shop items  and jams are 20% off.  Finish up your Christmas shopping and save a little money at the same time!

We hope you're enjoying the holiday season, see you soon!


Harvest Weekend Schedule of Events

In addition to scheduled events and demonstrations, we have Live Music, Local Artisans selling their wares, Food, Games, a Scavenger Hunt, Wagon Rides, and A Homegrown Dessert Contest!  Rain or shine! Click here for details. SATURDAY

11:00 : Festival Opens!

11-5 : Cordwood Masonry Demonstration with Peter Turkow of Rochester Green Living

11-2 : Dry Stone Masonry Demonstration with Scott George

11:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

1:30 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

2:00 : Drum Circle

2:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

3:00 : Test the Farmer

4:00 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

5:00 : Festivities end until tomorrow, rain or shine!

7pm : Market closes for the day.


11:00 : Festival Opens!

11-2 : Dry Stone Masonry Demonstration with Scott George

11:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

1:30 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

2:00 : Drum Circle

2:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

3:00 : Test the Farmer

4:00 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

5:00 : Special Unveiling

5:15 : Please join us for cake and refreshments to celebrate our 40th anniversary!

Learning! at Harvest Weekend

As we start setting up for the big event this weekend, we're particularly excited about the local people sharing their work with demonstrations. Teapot, cup and colander by local potter Deborah Wilson.

Dry Stonewall Masonry with Scott George - If you've ever tried to put a stone wall together (or even a little edging for your garden) you know that this craft is a lot more complicated then it looks. Pick up some tips from an artist in the trade at Harvest Weekend. Saturday and Sunday, 11-2pm, a unique stone wall will grow in our display area between the market and the greenhouse.

Soapmaking with Nanny Naturals - With a few basic ingredients and a little chemistry know-how, fabulous bars of wonderfully scented soap are born. Learn about the process, check out their very extensive collection of scents, and meet a few of their partners in soap! Rumor has it that tiny, adorable, baby goats will be making an appearance.

Hand-thrown Pottery with Deborah Wilson - One of our very first Featured Local Artisans, we've enjoyed having the beautiful and functional pottery of Deborah Wilson at the market for several years. Don't miss this unique opportunity to see a talented potter in action! Visit her display area near the Potting Shed at 11:30 and 2:30 for demonstrations. Cordwood Masonry and Green Roofs with Peter Turkow - Cordwood Masonry is a sustainable building method that uses materials readily available in WNY. In his own words: "One of my personal favorites because of my own life experience, cordwood construction is fast becoming a popular form of sustainable construction in the US and abroad. A cost-efficient (can be built mortgage-free) and sustainable building method utilizing log ends (usually 12-24” in length) laid transversely in a mortar matrix consisting of sand, Portland cement, hydrated lime, and soaked sawdust.  Cordwood construction takes advantage of a dual layer wall system similar to a double paned window. The cavity between the inside and outside mortar walls is insulated with a mix of sawdust and a small amount of lime (rodent repellent) that keeps the home cool in the summer and holds in the heat in the winter." See the Rochester Green Living site to learn more.

Bring Your Own Fork!

I have two questions.


For the bakers out there with a little bit of competitiveness in 'em, we have a contest for you... KIRBY'S HOMEGROWN DESSERT CONTEST! With every season that comes around, we love hearing about the creations you make with the produce we grow.  Pies, Cobblers, Cakes, Muffins.... so many wonderful things! We decided it was time to gather it all together in one place and discover the dessert that rises to the top. So use your creativity, your ingenuity! Pull out your rolling pin and show us what you've got!( Click HERE to read more, including rules, dates and times.)

There are PRIZES!

All entries that receive 4 or more stars win a place in our new cookbook. 1st Prize - $25 Gift Certificate to Kirby's and a Festival Tshirt

2nd Prize - $15 Gift Certificate to Kirby's and a Festival Tshirt

3rd Prize - $10 Gift Certificate to Kirby's and a Festival Tshirt



Now, for the eaters! This is a contest, and we need judges. That means you. If you're like me, and you always go for a "sampler plate" at the holiday dessert tables (how can you take just one thing, when everything looks good???) this is your day. The first 50 customers that come to our Kirbygrown Dessert Contest tasting area promptly at 2pm will be designated "Official Tasters" and it will be up to you to pick the best desserts. We use a five star rating system, so don't worry you don't have to be super critical. Just let us know what excited your tastebuds!

Upcoming Harvest Weekend

I hope you have a chance to stop in the market sometime soon! Fall is filling every room with beautiful color - you can't help but feel inspired by the season. Inside we have gourds and pumpkins decorating every display, accented with bittersweet and festive Autumn gifts and decor.  Take a stroll through the side door, out into the mum area and explore our new pumpkin display. We had a lot of fun piling over two hundred pumpkins onto crates and straw bales. There are so many unique colors and textures! Bumpy red, grey, tan, stripy green, and warty orange. And my favorite - white with orange and red stripes. You can also purchase beautiful mums, gourds, indian corn, straw bales and cornstalk bundles at the market - everything you need for your own seasonal displays.

Along with the usual activities of Autumn  (it's harvest time! apples everywhere!) we've been busy behind the scenes, planning a big celebration to commemorate 40 years of business here at Kirby's. We just added a new page about the festival to the website. Check it out! Harvest Weekend will be happening on October 23rd and 24th 11am-5pm. There are so many activities to try (almost all of them free!). And we hope you can join us on Sunday night for a special unveiling and anniversary cake. We're looking forward to sharing our 40th Anniversary Party with all of our customers that have made the last 40 years possible!