Upcoming Harvest Weekend

I hope you have a chance to stop in the market sometime soon! Fall is filling every room with beautiful color - you can't help but feel inspired by the season. Inside we have gourds and pumpkins decorating every display, accented with bittersweet and festive Autumn gifts and decor.  Take a stroll through the side door, out into the mum area and explore our new pumpkin display. We had a lot of fun piling over two hundred pumpkins onto crates and straw bales. There are so many unique colors and textures! Bumpy red, grey, tan, stripy green, and warty orange. And my favorite - white with orange and red stripes. You can also purchase beautiful mums, gourds, indian corn, straw bales and cornstalk bundles at the market - everything you need for your own seasonal displays.

Along with the usual activities of Autumn  (it's harvest time! apples everywhere!) we've been busy behind the scenes, planning a big celebration to commemorate 40 years of business here at Kirby's. We just added a new page about the festival to the website. Check it out! Harvest Weekend will be happening on October 23rd and 24th 11am-5pm. There are so many activities to try (almost all of them free!). And we hope you can join us on Sunday night for a special unveiling and anniversary cake. We're looking forward to sharing our 40th Anniversary Party with all of our customers that have made the last 40 years possible!