Kirby's Handcrafted Evergreen Wreaths, now online!


Piles of fragrant branches in so many colors and textures, red and gold decorations, and sparkly bows! Making Christmas wreaths is a lot of fun, especially when the end result is a festive decoration for someone's home.

This year, we're making our wreathsavailable online!

You can purchase our handcrafted wreathes at our online store, and customize it however you wish. 

When you click over to our online store here, you'll see that we start with a sturdy 10" or 14" ring that won't bend or warp. By the time we're done filing it out with a variety of greens, (many of which we harvest ourselves) the 10" wreath reaches 15"-18" in diameter and the 14" is about 19" - 25".

After choosing the size, you can customize your wreath with natural decorations of berries, pinecones, seedpods, a bow, or sparkly, eye-catching accents in red, gold, or silver.

Your unique wreath, handcrafted here at Kirby's, will be ready to pick up at the market in about one week, usually less.