Autumn at Kirby's

Homegrown Produce, Cider, Pumpkins, Pick Your Own Apples

The sunlight slants down at a golden angle, and our pace slows. Nights are cooler, and days begin to shorten. The market is bursting with the colors of fall - oranges, red, golds and splashes of purple. Everything smells amazing.

  • Every week, a new apple variety arrives.

  • Slowly, summers crops fade away, replaced by cold-tolerant Kale, Swiss Chard, Winter Squash, Cabbage....

  • As soon as you step foot in the market, you're surrounded by the unique perfume of fall. Apples, cinnamon, concord grapes, and the smell of falling leaves.

  • Outside, a carpet of blooming chrysanthemum goes from the side door to the greenhouse.

  • Straw bales and crates of gourds in every shape and color appear around the front porch. Our front yard fills with carving pumpkins - white, orange, red, grey, tan, black, warty, smooth, tall, squat.

  • When the ground is finally too hard to shovel, the perennials are tucked away in the greenhouse for the winter.

  • Fruits and vegetables go out the door, destined for Thanksgiving tables. Crops grown by us, nourishing friends and family for miles around! <3

  • The first snowflakes drift down. The fields are quiet. With a rumble, the last apples are trucked out of the orchard and we batten the hatches at the farm market, preparing for cold weather.