What some of our members had to say about Kirby’s CSA ….

(All comments were taken from our yearly survey, with permission. The survey is always full of helpful feedback and suggestions that we use to modify next season. In 2014 we reduced the amount of broccoli, and added more variety to the Spring and Fall season because of member requests).


The CSA is one of the highlights of our year!! Those 23 weeks go so fast and it is always a surprise. Our children have given us this subscription for the last 4 years and it is like Christmas when Tuesdays roll around on the CSA calendar! Thank you so much...now how will I be inspired to cook during the rest of the year when the CSA is in "relax mode"?? :)

Great experience, keep up the great work.

You guys offer the best value around, I priced out a lot of different CSAs and am happy I chose Kirby. Looking forward to next year!!

Love it! Linda remembers everyone's name, props to her. Got to meet Farmer Chad and talk about fruits and vegetables. Great family.

This is the best CSA we have ever participated in, and couldn't be happier!

Love it! I thank you & the Ogden Farmer’s Library staff were wonderful! Easy & pleasant pick up!

Great experience! Loved all the FRESH fruits and veggies! Trying new veggies and recipes added variety to our menu planning.

It’s great! We love the family farm outings. The strawberry picking was awesome, and the garlic picking was great too! My kids are more likely to try a veggie from the CSA because they realize all the hard work that goes into growing it.

I love going to the farm every week. It makes it convenient and I can supplement what is in my basket without having to go to that “big store” and keep my $$$ local. The freshness of the produce makes you realize how long the “stuff” in the grocery store has been sitting!

Love, love and more love!! A highlight of our summer.

We love all the people who worked with us!

Love it! Delivery at work is so convenient.

I loved it! The variety, quantity and quality were great and I was glad to support a local farm. I can't wait to participate again next season!

I am so happy to be part of your CSA! Your fruits and vegetables are so fresh and tasty!

You guys are the best. Thank you so much for what you do!

Enjoyed it very much. Planned my meals around your veggies. Ate healthy!

Love the trade table!! The help is wonderful!!

I love it! It's such a wonderful variety.

I was very pleased with the quality of all produce, especially fruit.

You guys are awesome!

We love coming out to the market to see the local produce, all the colors, textures, etc. It is part of the whole experience.

We love Kirby's.


This is our fourth (of many) season getting the CSA and we are always happy with the quality and quantity of food we receive!

The CSA through Kirby's has been a great experience, and helped us to get local produce on the table at home and fresher than we can at the grocery store. Thank you!

I liked getting re-acquainted with Kirby's after not being back frequently. It was a reasonable cost.....and got me out to the farm market. I LIKED that the hours were such that you could get there after work. Many farm markets close too early during the week and it's hard to get there. Farm[er's] markets are also all at strange hours.

Being CSA members encourages us to eat healthier. Your effort to provide more variety by including produce from other farms is greatly appreciated.

This was my first CSA and I loved it. Not all the produce was my favorite, but it let me try new things and I got to try a lot of new recipes. I felt healthier for always having a good variety of fruits/vegetables around.

It's a great program.

It was a great experience. I looked forward to the packages so I knew what to cook that week!

The quarter share allowed me to purchase other items of my choice to fill in when I went to the market every week.
Having the Kirby discount as a CSA bonus was great!

Produce was excellent quality and always fresh.

Keep doing what you are best at.

This is a great program and the only reason I will not be doing it again is because I am going to start my own garden :), in the event I don't continue with that I will be a return customer!

This was my first year participating. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It encouraged me to try new recipes and produce with my whole family. My kids loved the weekly packages. It made them excited to try new things too.

Now that we have been doing it for a few years we know what we do and do not like. We love that we can switch it produce on the swap table. Keeping a variety on the swap table is a huge plus to us as a family. Other farms don't seem to offer this option.

Love the option to move up and down[share sizes]!

I love getting the vegetables delivered right to work - very convenient! I probably would not participate otherwise.

I enjoyed it very much.

I like learning how to use veggies I have never purchased/cooked with before.

I appreciated the emails as they reminded me it was Tuesday:) I also appreciated your flexibility for pick ups when we were unable to get there on our given date and time!!

We loooved the swap table. We liked the variety, but wished we got some more repeats, like brussel sprouts

Love having the new pickup in Chili!!

The blog and the emails and all the folks who work at the stand are wonderful

Loved it all, also liked Farmer Chad's field updates on the website (saw them through Facebook).

I love being a part of a CSA. We tried some new things this year and although we often had a little too much produce - we will be back with a smaller share.

Everyone was very kind and accomodating.

I was a first timer to CSA and I really enjoyed it. Glad you added the church location! Can't wait for next year.

Love, love, and love!

Super friendly people, great variety and quality. So glad we joined!

I love Stacey's emails. Always informative, plenty of info and I feel like I am included in on so much. I didn't really try any recipes but like that they are included. Everyone is so friendly and helpful at Kirby's on pick up day or any other time I'm there.

Love it at the library. Thank you & THANK THEM!

Can't speak highly enough about the Kirby Family and friends who worked with us this year. It's great to meet people who care about their product and family business. 

I utilize the swap table every week -- thank you for offering this!!

I love your CSA, the format and all of the staff, you are all wonderful and helpful. I really miss the longer season!

This was my first year, and I was so impressed by the freshness and quality of all the produce! I will be signing up again!

I really enjoyed trying new vegetables every week.

Thanks for the 1/4 share addition. Could we bring a bag to fill instead of paper bags?

It was my first year and I was very pleased. We are very busy the end of summer and fall so I did have some items that went to waste. I would like to try the quarter share next year but don't want to miss out on a variety.

We loved being a new pick up location this year and look forward to Spring!!!

it is a pleasure to ride out to Kirby's to get our produce. I look forward every year to the CSA starting up again!

Love the library (OFL) and love being able to pick up produce there.

This is a great program and I highly recommend it to families. My kids tried new things, and we all enjoyed having the fresh, high quality produce every week.

This was my first year participating in CSA. Tuesdays were a day I looked forward to and sometimes I wouldn't check my emails, because I wanted to be surprised and I was always pleasantly surprised. It was just great!

Loved pumpkin & gourd picking!

First time and I loved it. Felt we cooked and ate more healthy as a result. Loved trying"new to us" veggies.

My share inspires my cooking each week... nothing is wasted! It's hard to plan meals without it!!

Have no issues or complaints. It was an awesome year!!




 It was awesome, my wife and I were thrilled to be a part of your CSA and looked forward to our share weekly. We are seriously bummed to go back to supermarket produce for the winter – We can’t wait until next year! Thanks!

Loved it. We are not huge kale fans (although we did try it this year) and also not big squash fans. I did pass along anything we did not use to friends, and they were very happy to get it! But I loved everything I ate, and plan on joining again next year. Even though I read my email and knew what I would be picking up, it was still a little like Christmas every Tuesday!! Thank you!!!!

I have tried another CSA and yours is the best. I feel welcome and a part of the Kirby family.

I love the friendly faces there when I pick up my share each week – and I really love the links to recipes provided in the weekly e-mails!

I always enjoyed my trip to the farm. Early on I bought plants for my garden while I was there. Later in the season I bought additional produce sometimes since I was sharing my half share with my sister. Your farm store is always a pleasure to visit and everyone who works there is friendly and helpful. The produce was always fresh, delicious and beautiful. If I could sum my experience in one word it would be excellence from start to finish!

This was our first farm share and we loved it! I really liked the weeks we could pick from two items Ex: This squash or that squash, salad bag or peppers…etc.  Thank you for the great experience!

 I am eating and feeling better. Having the fresh produce weekly and meeting the challenge of using all of it has been great.

Enjoyed as always. Thank you for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

This was the first year I did the CSA program and I was very impressed. I will sign up again next year.

Thank you for being friendly, helpful, and just plain awesome! Joining the CSA has helped me eat healthy this season.

I love you guys, and so do the 2 new members from my office this year! I hope to bring you more referrals next year too. The Thursday morning pick up at the market is great too. The 7 am time is right when Flour City takes their bread from the oven – so it’s the perfect stop on the way to work

My 15-year-old daughter said “Mom, I love kale. Can you get some more?” Never would I have expected to hear that, and I owe it all to you!! Thank you for introducing our family to new vegetables while also supplying our favorite fruits and standard vegetables.

I am more than happy with the CSA this year! I love being a part of something local and connecting over what sustains us.

Great experience for my first expereince with a CSA. Lots of variety of high quality produce – sometimes the quantity was overwhelming but I shared with some friends which worked out quite well.

My husband and I enjoyed our 1/2 share more than I can say! Each week we were like kids waiting to see what the surprises were for that day! We ate more fresh fruits and vegetables this year than I can ever remember…and such a variety of wonderful produce. Plus, I was able to freeze or can or share any of the things that we just couldn’t eat up in one week.
     I also loved being able to purchase extra produce for canning and freezing. We tried the frozen cherries, too this year and they are wonderful. I grew up in the farm country of Niagara County but lived for so long far away from orchards and gardens that produce such wonderful food. Now that we are relocated to the Brockport area, Kriby’s meets all of our needs as far as fresh fruits and vegetables are concerned! I enjoy the emails we receive each week regarding our shares and the produce. Stacey does a fantastic job communicating, sharing and inspiring us to try new things! Roasted vegetables…Yay!!
    I could go on and on singing Kirby’s praises but I’d better end here. My husband and I can’t wait to sign up for next year! What a blessing you all are in our lives.


You are doing great, was very happy with my first CSA experience. All the fruit and veggies were fresh and very tasty!!

I tried Kirby’s as a result of a friend’s recommendation, and loved it. I will likely do a full share next year. I canned, preserved and froze a lot but would definitely do more. I’m predominantly vegetarian and the quality of your produce is outstanding. Kirby’s is much more cost effective and it seemed to me that the produce stayed fresh longer, even if I couldn’t handle processing it quickly. And you are all so nice.

You were always very friendly and ready with suggestions on what to do produce I was unfamiliar with. Service was always prompt. We did not like the kale or Swiss chard at all so after a few tries, we swapped these for something else. Love all the fruit as we eat a lot of it. My favorite thing was the rhubarb. My mom passed away in March, and I started thinking about foods she used to make but I hadn’t had in years because I grew up in Michigan. When I read the packing list and saw rhubarb, I fondly thought of Mom’s cooked rhubarb. That led me to the internet in search of a recipe. I found one I thought sounded close (it had been 20 to 30 years since I had seen Mom make it) and gave it a try. It tasted the same, and I thoroughly joyed it while thinking of Mom and my childhood.

I loved the variety of vegetables and fruits you supplied this year! It was so nice to get something different each week to cook with. Everything was so fresh and delicious, and I thought that you guys did a great job of balancing the produce choices so that we weren’t overrun with too many of one thing at a time. I also loved trying the curry spice blend, and the other little extras that got tucked into the box!

We will probably go to the short season option next year – not because of anything you did, but because I realized I don’t use many root crops or green leafy things! I will miss the apples, cider, and potatoes however. Participating in the CSA really does make you change your eating habits since you don’t want to waste the food you get. In addition, the appearance of the produce is always magnificant – even the things that we don’t like always look beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will look forward to hearing from you to sign-up again next year.

You do a beautiful job of providing a balance of fruits vs vegetables. We have friends in CSAs that only produce vegetables, and while they were complaining about drowning in Zucchini, we were munching our way through fruits as well as vegetables. And allowing the exchanges is a great way to let us feel like we have some control over what we take home every week. I can’t wait until May!

I enjoyed trying the new choices for this season: patty pan squash and kohlrabi. I certainly will continue to enjoy these – but they are not my “must haves.” I appreciate that you have been willing to try growing something new each season, thereby, helping the rest of us expand our “vegetable repertoire.” Though we eat many kinds of fruits and vegetables, I might not be apt to purchase something I’ve never tried, at the stand or in the produce section of the grocery store. BUT I will always try something new that’s in our share!


I loved having fresh produce delivered to my work weekly! The summer is a busy time of year & I don’t always get a chance to make it to the market as often as I would like – this provided me that opportunity & helped me eat healthier too! Also, the weekly emails from Kirby’s were great & the recipes gave me an opportunity to use the produce in ways I never thought of!

I really loved the variety, freshness, and quality of the produce we received. It was great to try new vegetables that I now will buy in the store (until next year). Receiving the weekly e-mails with what to expect & suggestions on how to cook the items also helped with produce I had not had before. One squash was so sweet, not the accorn or butternut. The corn was sweet & while I do not buy beets I enjoyed making a juice with them. I can not wait until next year. It would be nice to receive flowers or try spices, I hope that will be an option next year. I only made it to the store 1 time but my coworker also made a visit to the store. I was very confident to try your CSA because I have purchased your produce at the Public Market. You exceeded my expectations. I hope you enjoy the Christmas season. I am looking forward to participate in 2013. Thank you

I enjoyed everything that Kirby had this year and look forward to next year! I really liked that they were able to “drop off” our weekly share at work, it was convenient and it was always exciting to to get that e-mail from Kirby about what would be in my box this week.

I loved having fresh fruits and vegtables delivered to work every week. I am too lazy to get up early to go to the public market and this was a great way to still get the freshest and best quality available!

I participated through work (MVP) and LOVE having my share delivered to the office. The produce was clean, and dependable delivery. I love the email recipes that were sent along as well as the history of the veggies. I am very happy and can’t wait for it to start again.

This was our first year with Kirby’s and we loved the variety and the ability to switch things out on the swap table. Most weeks we were very happy with the selection. We loved the brussel sprouts and would love to see more of those!!

I really enjoyed it as I grew up with a garden and miss that. I don’t have time to get to the farm market every week and this filled that void.

I really enjoyed the program and the quality of the produce was excellent. It was also very convenient and something I looked forward to each week.

I looked forward to getting your e-mails every week with a list of items that were coming that day. I especially liked the suggestions on how to prepare the items and how to store them so I could enjoy them at a later time.

This was the best decision I have made all year:) GREAT food and wonderful value- you made me eat more and different veggies and that was exactly what I was hoping for:)) LOVED it!!

We thought it was ALL great! You folks do a wonderful job — everything is super-fresh and any ‘changes’ that people seem to need are attended to. KEEP IT UP!! We love ya’!

Loved the new experience! I have never liked to try new things and this was a great opportunity for me! Who knew Romanesco would become my favorite vegetable!! Still not willing to try Kale but maybe next year! Lol! The anticipation of seeing what would be included in each week’s share was really fun! Even my 85 year old Mom would ask every week… What are we getting this week?? I have to say I really loved this opportunity. I’ve already suggested your CSA to many of my friends!

We were very happy with our first year with the CSA. Getting the box of fresh produce every week definitely encouraged our family to try some new things and get a bit more creative in our cooking.

You have such a wonderful program! The food, selection, recipes, people- all exemplary!

Though I’m an experienced cook, and grow a small “kitchen” garden myself, I enjoy the e-mails each week especially for the different ideas for preparing the various vegetables. The background and nutritional information is extremely helpful as well. I loved having a different variety of apples each this fall – it gave me the chance to try types of apples I had never eaten before – and I found new favorites! The same would be true if you can expand varieties of vegetables. For me, the CSA experience is not only about being able to purchase quality, locally grown produce at an affordable price. It’s about expanding our awareness of various fruits and vegetables, giving my family the opportunity to try new things and making them a daily part of a healthy diet.

 I loved our first experience and being able to pick up at the Public Market. We often struggled to eat all the fruits & veggies in our order but it was a great challenge and helped us to eat much healthier! We already miss our CSA share each week!

I loved the variety in the shares. I did waste some of the swiss chard and Kale, but I’ll do better next year. And how I enjoyed the cherries! Even though the crops were sparse, you made sure we got some anyway. Thank you so much! (In 2012 a very cold Spring killed most of the fruit crops in the area. – the Kirbys)

 I was very pleased with the program. I found some new produce that I had never tried and it also provided me with variety. Certainly will be looking forward to more fruit next year ( have my fingers crossed that weather is more cooperative in 2013).


My family and I really enjoyed being a part of Kirby’s CSA program last year!  We enjoyed both the quantity and the quality of the produce that was offered last year, as well as the enclosed recipe suggestions and nutrition information.  And as a homemaker and mom, I appreciated having the freshest produce each week to serve my family, and the opportunity to purchase it directly from the farmers, with no middlemen in the way.  We also enjoyed becoming acquainted with some new-to-us types of produce, which we would most likely not have purchased if they were not in our box, but which quickly became family favorites!  We will definitely be CSA members again in the coming season!”

Kirby’s CSA was incredible! We learned new recipes and fell in love with some of the produce we had not tried before. Picking up our box was fun and inspired the weeks meals. The staff at Kirby’s was always incredibly friendly and truly seemed invested in our lives showing interest in what we were making and enjoyIng as well as offering suggestions and recipes. They always had useful cooking and storage tips. We look forward to the 2012 season!”

Though my family and I have always eaten a fairly well balanced diet, our participation in the CSA really enhanced the meals we ate each week.  I enjoyed the recipes provided, and also did my own research to find new recipes and ways to prepare the bounty each week.  The produce was of the highest quality.  Pick up day for me felt a little like Christmas!

Absolutely LOVE!!! the CSA at Kirby’s and so grateful you have started it. I love the variety I receive in our box each week and our family has developed some new favorite fruits and veggies from the selections we received in 2011. We look forward to coming to the farm each week to pick it up. We prefer to support local farmers and growers (nice to know who grows your food and where it comes from) and feel this is a great way to do this. Looking forward to the 2012 CSA season!”

Great produce, worth every penny and friendly marketplace. Boutique provides fantastic variety of goods and neat ideas for home. recipe suggestions were wonderful as well as swap table!

We loved our first year with Kirby’s CSA program! The selection was always varied and quite generous (even with a half share, we often had to share stuff with family because we had so much!). Each week they include a list of what’s in the box and history and recipe ideas for anything new. We also loved that in the fall, the share often included cider!”

The CSA was wonderful.  The quality was excellent, the quantity and variety of vegetables and fruits was fantastic!  It was great to know that I had a variety of good quality fresh fruit and vegetables each week.  The recipes and other information provided each week was helpful and interesting.  I talked about the CSA throughout the 2011 season with friends, family and acquaintances and hope they will consider participation in 2012.”

I appreciated the opportunity to try new things I would not have purchased and the chance to swap out those things my family did not like.  It was fun to see each week what was in the box.  The food was very fresh and in a good variety.”

We had a really great experience.  The produce was fresh every time.  We loved the apple cider in the fall, that was a great benefit!  We also appreciated the discount at the store.  It made canning even more enjoyable.  ”

This is a wonderful opportunity to try new vegetables! Every week there was a surprise. Like Christmas in the summer! I had never seen Romanesco, never tried pluots or donut peaches, and though I had eaten kale, I didn’t regularly. I pickled beets and froze a lot. Can’t wait until next year.”

What a year with our CSA at Kirby’s! We were totally satisfied with the selection of veggies and especially the wide variety of fruits. The amounts were always generous and we enjoyed experimenting with some of the unusual vegetables in the suggested recipees. If you are looking for a unique and inexpensive way to go green and become Farmer friendly the Kirby Farms CSA is for you.”