Sweet Cherries

Season: Sweet Cherries are here for the month of July, while Sour Cherries have a shorter season of about two weeks in the middle of July. You can find Individually Quick Frozen Sweet and Sour Cherries at the market whenever we're open, May 1st until December 24th.

 Storage: Store cherries in your refrigerator (the crisper drawer is a good spot) loosely wrapped in plastic. They're best when eaten within 2-3 days.

Longterm Storage: To enjoy this Summer fruit in the Winter: wash and pit the cherries, then freeze them in freezer containers or dry them in a dehydrator. Cherry jam or butter is also a delicious way to enjoy cherries out of season.


  • Sweet cherries are most often eaten fresh, but they are also delicious in baked goods like muffins, breads, and cakes.  Sour cherries are recommended for pies, over sweet cherries.
  • Cool off with a frozen cherry snack in the summertime! Delicious and healthy.
  • In recent years, sour cherries have become well-known for their reputed medicinal properties. Tart cherry juice is now widely available in grocery stores, and many people with arthritis rely on it for relief.
  • Recipe: Perfect Cherry Pie Filling