Individually Quick Frozen fruit,
Now available at Kirby's Farm Market!

Individually Quick Frozen fruit is flash frozen, so it doesn't stick together; cherries and blueberries pour like marbles. All cherries are pitted, and there's no sugar added to any of our IQF fruit.

Perfect for pies, cakes, breads, or smoothies. They make a healthy, refreshing, snack on a hot summer day, or anytime.


  • Sour Cherries in 4lb bags
  • Sweet Cherries in 5lb bags
  • Blueberries in 2lb bags

Recipe: Perfect Cherry Pie Filling

Bulk IQF, One Weekend Only!

Usually in early August, order in advance to get a great deal on delicious frozen blueberries and sour cherries. Choose your pickup day (Friday or Saturday), pickup time is 9am - noon on both days. Bring a cooler with you to keep your fruit cold!

  • Sour Cherries in 20lb bags or 40lb bags
  • Blueberries in 30lb bags.