A Memorial Day Update!

I have to admit, I did not have high hopes for the weather this Memorial Day weekend (pretty sure I'm not alone on that)! But it has been so nice, aside from those brief, spotty showers Saturday morning. The sunshine is a boon for barbecues, gardeners and garden centers alike. We need a little break from the wet to relax by the grill, visit with friends and family, and to add a little beauty around our houses - colorful annuals, hardy perennials, and a tomato or six.

Out on the farm, we've been lucky enough to continue planting in most areas. There are a few fields that look more like a swamp then a field, but the high, sandy soil here on the Ridge is a huge benefit. When asked about the weather, Farmer Tim will answer, "First it was challenging, then it was frustrating, and now it's just unbelievable." Things are still growing though! Yesterday we saw the first bloom on the pea plants - fresh peas in about three weeks!

In the market right now, we have fresh Kirbygrown asparagus, spinach and rhubarb. We also have three varieties of CA Apples: Empire; AC Mac; and Crispin. (CA stands for controlled atmosphere, a method of storage that keeps the apples unbelievably crisp.) I had a Mac for lunch earlier and it was great! The apples are absolutely delicious with Kutter's cheddar, available in our cooler right now.

Walking around in the greenhouse area is so pleasant today. It's warm in the sun with a little breeze, and there are flowers everywhere. Peony, foxglove, lupine, poppy, columbine and coral bells are just a few perennials in bloom. We have container gardens of various sizes for sale, perfect for Memorial Day, or brightening up your porch or deck. Stop by soon, some varieties are selling out!