Spring, Phase 2

Seeds to sprouts, dormant twigs to unfurling leaves, a yellow bud to a tiny flower- these first stages are the most exciting, as the blank canvas of soil begins to show the first vibrant brushstrokes of new life.

Last week hundreds of tomato and pepper plants were seeded, destined to bloom and fruit in the field. By now the seeds should be sending tiny, tiny shoots towards the sun. Meanwhile, the tomato plant pictured is a good five inches tall. It was seeded back in early February. This six week head start is what makes our Patio Tomatoes such an exciting purchase for our customers in the Spring. Fresh tomatoes will be on their table a month before they're picked in the field.

I stepped into the perennial house while I was at the greenhouses and shot this aquilegia, one of the first plants to come out of dormancy. Many of the perennials in there are still hiding under the dirt, waiting for whatever signal Mother Nature sends before they poke their little green leaves out of the ground. But this early-summer-blooming combine is already leafy and green.

Bacopa (below)is one of the few annuals showing any color. At this time, we're plucking flowers off almost all of the annuals. It's important for the plants to spend their energy on building strong root systems and vigorous foliage, instead of on flowers. And we get to take home tiny little bouquets of insane color to brighten our houses.

Bacopa however has so many tiny flowers that we don't bother, bringing you this little bit of sunshine!

I love primroses at this time of year. Their bright, sunny, colors are one of the loudest reminders that Spring is almost here! When you're walking around the perennial area this summer, an unassuming cluster of long green leaves is all you'll see in these pots. But remember these colorful  flowers, plant them in your garden, and you will be well rewarded next year!

Next week we'll share updates about new perennials we're planting this season. See you then!