For months now Kirby's Farm Market (and this blog) have been deep in winter hibernation. The last basket of apples was sold, the last Christmas tree was taken to a happy home, and everything was packed away. If you stepped in our front door this very minute, you wouldn't recognize the place. (The annual Amazing Transformation is coming soon...if you're interested I might even post before and after pictures!)

What happened next on the farm? Taking Mac for a couple hundred walks to keep him sane, he misses you all so much! Skiing, of the cross country variety. Lots of hot soup. Board games.  Annnnd, Mr. & Mrs. Kirby took a well deserved vacation in sunny Florida. Of course they visited a strawberry farm and a regional market, ate lots of fresh oranges and other produce, saw manatees and dolphins... I'm just a little jealous.  When they got back the seed catalogs came out and soon the UPS truck was showing up with packages that made gentle little rattling noises. Sweet Corn, tomatoes, and peppers oh my! But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The fields are frozen and the peach I was just imagining biting into is hardly a little nub on a bare and leafless branch...

But it is the first week of March, not January. Dare we even say it? This on-again-off-again sun and warmth is a tease all on it's own, but the sunshine and the goings-on at Kirby's are in agreement. The hoses are neatly coiled, palettes of soil are waiting, thousands of pots are stacked in boxes.

And green things are growing. I would like the honor of informing you that Spring is coming.

We may have weeks of snow and ice left to go in Western New York, but under a big roof in hundreds of little pots, we have geraniums! Petunias! Fuchsias! Green... after a long winter of grey, brown and white, with a rare glimpse of blue thrown in, we are very happy to bring you this first glimpse of green. And we can't wait to open the doors in May, and show you every color in the rainbow.

As the snow falls this month and you scrape yet another layer of ice off your steps, stop back and let us give you a glimpse of what's coming... warmth, sunshine, and growing things. We'll have photos of new annuals and combinations we're carrying this year, progress pics, and a little competition for our customers. With prizes! See you soon!

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