The Last Fruits (and Vegetables) of Summer

September is such a beautiful month! Gorgeous skies, brilliant greens and golds, and so much beautiful produce. It is a month that contains the slow blending of summer into Autumn and we see the signs everywhere we look. Fresh sweet corn is piled next to dewy cauliflower and cabbage. The last pecks of Cresthaven peaches fill a table beside rows and rows of apples. Bushels of tomatoes disappear one by one, transformed into jars of brilliantly red sauces and salsas, while pumpkins and gourds appear up on every table.

Today is definitely part of that transition, on the cusp of a new season. Growing up on a farm, I've lived with the urgency of the seasons all my life: savor every bite, and then put it up before it's gone! Because, before too long those cardboard greenhouse tomatoes are all we'll have.

Therefore, I consider it my personal obligation to make sure our customers understand - that this is your final warning. Snow! Sleet! Ice! I would be the last person to disparage winter (I love it!), but there is one thing that winter doesn't have: fresh produce.

Don't miss your last chance on all of these delicious fruits and vegetables: sweet corn, eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers and of course, peaches (there are only about fifteen pecks left!).

But hey, if you've missed out on a crop or two (I only have about two bags of frozen strawberries to look forward to this winter) don't worry yourself too much. They all come right back around again.