Roasted Peppers

Have you ever tried roasting peppers? It's simple. Instead of buying an expensive jar at the store, make them in your own kitchen and then freeze for later. They're delicious as a salad topper, in pasta dishes, sauces, soups and on sandwiches!

Roasted Red Peppers

  • Preheat oven to 450°F. Toss peppers with enough olive oil to coat lightly.
  • Transfer peppers to large rimmed baking sheet. Roast peppers until partially charred, turning every 10 minutes, about 50 minutes. (This is important! I always have a hard time waiting until all of the skin is black. And this makes peeling the skin off a challenge, since any little bit of skin that isn't charred doesn't want to come off, while all the charred bits come off so easily.)
  • Transfer peppers to reserved bowl; cover tightly with plastic wrap. Cool 15 minutes. Peel and seed peppers over bowl.

Note: Traditionally, peppers are roasted whole, but some people cut them into sections and roast them skin side up. This way, you don't have to turn them, just take them out when the skin is blackened. Also, try roasting other colors, including green, for different flavors. They won't be as sweet, but still so delicious!