June Produce

Almost everything is early this year so we have to keep you informed! That warm weather early this Spring gave everything a little bit of a head start.

  • Cherries: in the market since 6/20, we'll have sweet cherries for several weeks yet. Sour cherries will be here before July, we hope. A little later and with a shorter season then sweet, you definitely want to catch some before they're gone. We like to eat them fresh, make some into a cobbler and of course... cherry pie!
  • Strawberries: I picked a few quarts this afternoon and there are plenty of big beautiful berries out there.  If you're not interested in picking your own, we have plenty in the market already picked.
  • Lettuce: fresh Kirbygrown lettuce is so tender and crisp. (I have been tempted to eat an entire head for lunch on more then one occasion, dressed simply in a cider vinagrette). Red leaf, green leaf and buttercruch!
  • Peas: Sweet and Edible Pod are here at the moment. Our second planting is just getting started.
  • Coming soon: zucchini, summer squash, early peaches.

As always, call ahead if you're coming for a specific item! You never know when we might sell out of something and we don't want anyone to be disappointed. Feel free to place an order by phone or in person ahead of time and if it's in the field we'll have it ready to go at any time, on any day.