End of the Year Sales!

On December 24th we close our doors for the 2016 season. (We'll see you again in the Spring - our doors will be open on May 1st and our greenhouse will be overflowing with flowers!)  

For the last week of the season, stop in to take advantage of our awesome end of the year sales! Stock up on homegrown and locally grown produce for the winter, and finish up your Christmas shopping.

25% off  Apples

25% off  Poinsettias

20% off  All Gift Shop

20% off  Jams


Produce Available

Homegrown: Apples, Winter Squash, Garlic

Locally Grown: Potatoes (5lb, 20lb, or 50lb bags, while supplies last), Onions (3lb, or 10lb bags, while supplies last)