Handmade Wreaths

Every November we go out into the cold to gather beautiful little bits of nature, stashing them away until it’s time to make wreaths for the holiday season. 

Rosehips, Juniper, Boxwood, Holly, as well as whatever seedpods we come across,  are carefully gathered. Bunched together with Pine, Balsam, and Fir or Eucalyptus, this great variety of everlasting materials creates wreathes of amazing texture and color.

One of our favorite tasks for the season is working with these aromatic boughs to create unique wreaths and swags, ready for your doorway.

We also decorate our wreaths with an array of sparkly and natural ornaments. Little bluebirds or cardinals, glittery sticks and leaves, silver or gold ornaments, and colorful bows. With palettes of silver and blue, green and gold, red and gold, or the natural tones of pine cones and berries, we have wreaths available to suit many tastes.

Do you have a special request? Place an order and we’ll make a wreath just for you.  (585)637-2600.