Kirby's Winter APple CSA

Our Winter CSA is very simple: apples, just apples!

You can now order from our online store!

All of the apples that you'll get in our Winter CSA come from Controlled Atmosphere storage rooms. CA storage is special because the air is removed, keeping the apples from breaking down over time. When you open up one of those rooms, the apples are as crisp as they were when you put them in. 

That means in January, February, April, and March, you'll be getting better quality apples at a much better price then you could find just about anywhere else. And as always, we'll sort them carefully to make sure that they're all of the best quality.


(At the time of this post, apples are currently over $1.60/lb at a popular local grocery store)

Order All Four Months (Save 10%):

Peck: $36
1/2 Bushel: $65
Bushel: $115

ORDER 1, 2, or 3  MONTHS):

Peck: $10              (10lbs @ $1/lb)
1/2 Bushel: $18    (20 lbs @ .90/lb)
Bushel: $32         (40 lbs @ .80/lb)

We're excited to make these great apples available to you over the winter! It can be hard to find good quality apples that time of year, and often they're shipped in from another country. Thank you for supporting this new venture at Kirby's!




Pickup on the 3rd Tuesday each month, 3pm - 6pm

Orders due by the previous Friday.
January 16th   (Order by Jan. 12th),
February 20th  (Order by Feb. 16th),
March 20th    (Order by March 16th),  
April 17th  (Order by April 13th)


Before 12/23

  • Order online
  • Order at the farm market, and pay by cash, check, or credit card
  • Order over the phone (585)637-3600 and pay by credit card
  • When placing an order, provide your name, phone number, email address, pickup months, and apple variety

After 12/23

  • Order by Email (, pay with cash only at pickup