Our Herb Selection

Add aroma to the garden and a fresh dimension of flavor to your cooking, with herbs!

Perennial Herbs

Available in Quart or Gallon Pots  
   Lemon Verbena
   French Tarragon
   German Chamomile
   Roman Chamomile
   Lemon Grass
   Lemon Balm
   Orange Mint
  Chocolate Mint
   Italian Oregano
   Greek Oregano
   Pineapple Sage
   Garden Sage
   Golden Sage 
   Purple Sage

   Tricolor Sage 
   Lavender Cotton
   Spicy Orange Thyme
   Wolly Thyme
   Creeping Thyme
   Carpet Thyme
   English Thyme




Annual Herbs

Available in 6 packs
   Sweet Basil

   Cinnamon Basil
   Lemon Basil
   Dark Opal Basil
   Plain Parsley

3.5” pots
   Sweet Basil