Just a few miles down the road from Kirby's Farm Market, a great big Italianate house sits on a hill in Holley, surrounded by tall trees and old outbuildings. Hundreds of blueberry bushes cascade down the hill from the barns, creating a beautiful scene, and amazing blueberries! We get all of our blueberries from Fabry's, and we couldn't be luckier to have such a great source as nearby as they are.

Season:  July

Storage : Blueberries do best when stored in the refrigerator, loosely covered.

Long-term Storage: Rinse and sort well, then freeze in freezer bags for long term storage. Blueberries can also be dried, made into jam, or canned in syrup.


  • Blueberries are delicious raw in salads, on cereals, with yogurt, in smoothies or salad dressings.

  • Although they're most famous for their many appearances in blueberry muffins, these little blue bits of sweet-tartness are amazing in just about any cake, cobbler, crisp, pastry, or tart. Pancakes, anyone?

  • Blueberries are very popular when paired with cinnamon or vanilla flavors.

Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, and vitamin K. They're also a very good source of free radical-scavenging vitamin C and manganese and a good source of fiber.


  • Blueberries are the second-most popular fruit in the United States. Strawberries are the first!

  • Raw blueberries provide the most nutritional benefit, as opposed to cooked or baked.

  • Blueberries are native to the United States. Over 50% of the world's blueberries are grown here!