August Snapshots

August is a beautiful month at the market.  Produce, perennials, and great food! Mouse over for captions, click for larger images, and enjoy!


Helenium "Copelia"

Hot peppers, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and sweet pepper combine for a beautiful palette of summer color!

Gentian "True Blue" and Heuchera "Obsidian" are a beautiful summer perennial pairing for your garden!Ratatouille, ready to go in the oven! Eggplant slices alternate with zucchini, tossed with garlic, olive oil and sea salt.Every year we grow a a rainbow of gladiolas in the field. They are usually available right up to Fall!Fresh, Kirbygrown sweetcorn, a summertime essential.Another planting of homegrown beets are here.Sungold yellow cherry tomatoes and Sweet 100's cherry tomato are like a little bowl of sunshine!Rudebekia triloba, an adorable little black eyed susan, frames the entry next to a stationary display.Gladiolas are one of the best flowers we can grow for arrangements. Every bud will open, even the tightest one. Just keep trimming from the bottom as the older blooms die, and keep the water fresh.

A reminder that Fall is right around the corner! Every tree in our orchards is loaded with apples, some of them nearly ready for picking!

Does this cool weather make you think about Fall? It will be here before you know it! Make sure you take full advantage of the wonderful summer produce filling the market throughout August and September!

Featured Artisan for June: Deborah Wilson

Teapot, cup and colander by local potter Deborah Wilson.

Deborah Wilson, from Waterport, NY, makes her pottery by hand from stoneware clay. The pieces are thrown on a wheel or constructed from slabs. The glazes she uses are non-toxic and durable (dishwasher, microwave and oven safe). Her pieces are meant for functional, everyday use, and their fun, vibrant colors make them even more enjoyable. Deborah likes to find inspiration for her designs from nature.


We asked Deborah toshare a little bit about what it's like to be a potter....

What is your favorite part about creating pottery? DW: "My two favorite stages of the process are the actual forming, where I get to interact with clay; after 25 years I've never lost my love for this wonderful, infinitely malleable, expressive material. The other part I love is opening a warm kiln full of glaze fired pots and seeing how the pieces were transformed  in the firing process."

What do you enjoy about being an artisan in WNY? DW: "I enjoy living and working in a more relaxed semi-rural environment after many years of being a city potter. There's a great appreciation of handmade work in this community. There aren't many other potters locally, so I enjoy being able to teach the craft to students who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity."

Is there a particular thing that inspires your work? DW: "Most of my pottery is designed to be used for a practical purpose. I'm striving for a good combination of functionality and beauty in my pieces. I'm inspired by the colors and forms of nature. I love the subtle variations and "happy accidents" that can happen with glazes."

Thank you, Deborah,  for sharing your art and your process with us!

By Jessica Young and Stacey Kirby