Our Own Raw Honey!

Available Now

Last fall we put honey out for sale, from our own bees, for the first time.  Each season has it's own distinct flavor profile and color. You can find them for sale in our market right now! 

Spring Honey comes mostly from Apple Blossoms and Locust Tree Blossoms. The result is a beautiful light golden color, and an equally light flavor. We think you'll notice some nice fruity and floral notes. This is one of the most unusual and distinctive honeys we've tasted.

Our Summer Honey is made while the most plentiful blossoms on the farm are the wildflowers that fill every nook and cranny. Clover is one of the most common wildflowers. We describe it as "fruity and tart with flavors of ripe fruit and caramelized sugar." This honey has the most typical, neutral, honey flavor.

In Autumn, our bees collect pollen mostly from Goldenrod and wild Asters. The flavor is "rich, smooth, and mellow, with notes of raisin".

Buckwheat is another distinctively flavored honey. A field of buckwheat will keep bees very busy and producing a lot of honey! Our buckwheat honey is milder in flavor than other buckwheat honeys we've tried (the flavor can be very strong and dark). We describe our buckwheat honey as "Sunny, with a powerful, deep sweetness and a hint of molasses."

New, Coming Soon!

Honeycomb is a luscious bite of thin compartments of chewy beeswax, full of sweet honey. If you've never tried it before, it's worth it! Packaged in one pound containers, honeycomb will be for sale on our shelves soon.

Large, three pound jars of summer honey, and beautiful tall corked jars will also be in our honey cupboard soon.