Apple Shipping

Send the taste of delicious NYS apples anywhere in the continental USA (including Arizona and California). Perfect as a seasonal gift for friends, family, business associates ... or yourself!

We ship for the month of November and the first two weeks of December. Order through our Online Store November 1st - December 8th!


  • Online (active Nov. 1st - Dec 14th)

  • in person at the market

  • by phone 10am-6pm Monday through Friday, using your MasterCard or Visa.

Please call or email with any questions, we would be happy to talk with you! (585)637-2600

Apples are shipped out on Mondays and Tuesdays only, to reduce the possibility of weekend layovers in the warehouse.

Shipping to California or Arizona? Due to quarantine requirements for produce mailed to those states, we will begin shipping to CA and AZ December 1st.

Each apple gift pack contains carefully chosen apples, hand polished and packed individually, to ensure that the apples received are of the highest quality.

Our apples are grown on our family farms in Albion and Brockport, located in Western New York.

Over the years we've heard from so many of our customers that moved out of state. They miss the amazing variety and exceptional quality of Western New York produce! During every season,  people stop at the market to fill their cars with fruits and vegetables before they head back to where they're from - North Carolina, Oklahoma, Georgia....  But no other season can compete with Autumn!

There aren't too many places in the country that can grow an apple as tasty as a New York apple, and out of state customers take bushels back to share with friends and neighbors.

We started shipping apples for all of you - the apple lovers that can't make the trip, but still crave a sweet-tart NY apple to bite into. We even ship to Arizona and California, two states that require special procedures. 



Single Layer 
(16-20 apples, about a peck)

Double Layer 
( 32-40 apples, about a 1/2 bushel).  

Varieties Available
Customize your apple gift pack from Kirby's by selecting the variety you would like to send, and consider including a "Thoughtful Addition".

  • Premium Snapdragon (available at market price)

  • Premium Ruby Frost (available at market price)

  • Jonagold

  • Fuji

  • Empire

  • Crispin

  • Cortland

  • Macoun

  • Ida Red

  • Kirby's Baking Mix Selected for superior baking qualities, this mix includes Ida Red, Cortland, and Jonagold.

  • Kirby's Eating Mix Our favorite eating apples have crunch and a sweet tart flavor: Empire; Crispin; Jonagold; and Fuji.

  • Premium Mix: Snapdragon and Ruby Frost are both exclusively NY grown apples with superb crunch and sweet, juicy flavor.

Thoughtful Additions:

Click here to learn more about the local foods and gifts we carry!

  • Kutter's Sharp Cheddar Cheese, from Corfu, NY

  • Merle'sMaple Syrup, from Attica, NY

  • Nunda Mustard, from Nunda, NY

  • Seaward's Chocolates, from Brockport, NY

  • An ornament or small gift from our gift shop.