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NEW Gift Shop Items, & Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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By , May 2, 2014 5:50 pm

May is here! Our doors are open and the market is ready for a new season. Everything is cleaned and polished, out on display, and waiting for you to visit! Just in time for an important holiday…

We have a bunch of new things in our gift shop this Spring, and so many perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

These rustic bottle vases are a lot of fun, and we ordered a huge variety. Single double or triple, tall or short. They’re perfect to add a little cheer to any corner of the house, with a single flower or a small bouquet.

Or, if you’d like to take a break from the usual flower arrangement, just pick out a container (shiny, rustic, or wooden) and plunk a beautiful plant or two inside. Our greenhouse is full of pretty and interesting plants, with lots of color and texture to choose from.  You’ve made a little bit of instant beauty that Mom can  enjoy as a centerpiece, and then plant in her garden to enjoy all year.

We also have tools and gardening gloves for the avid gardener. If you really know your gardener Mom’s taste in plants, there are some gorgeous perennials in bloom right now. Bleeding Heart, Garden Phlox, Tiarella, and Brunnera are a few colorful examples. Or you could go with green and pick out a hosta or fern from our collection.


 Are there just too many choices? Gift Certificates from Kirby’s are a very popular Mother’s Day gift.

It’s a lot of fun seeing them come back through the rest of the year, exchanged for plants, fruits and veggies, baked goods, jams, or a fun home accessory.

A few more gift ideas for Mother’s Day: Dishes and bowls from local potter Rose Vantyne; battery powered candles; pretty mugs and bowls; or votive holders with a locally made soy candle from Sandy Creek!


The Holidays at Kirbys

By , December 12, 2011 6:08 pm

Owners Tim and Linda Kirby spend some time in the greenhouse together.One of our handmade wreaths. We harvest most of our own greens, including boxwood, holly, fir, pine, dogwood, and rosehips. This is a ten inch wreath that also includes cedar.A beautifully varigated red and white poinsettia called 'Jinglebells', in 4.5" Poinsettias in pink, marble, and white. Other colors available include red, white, and varigated red and white 'jinglebells'. We also have 6.5" and 8" in all of these colors.One of our handmade wreaths. We harvest most of our own greens, including boxwood, holly, fir, pine, dogwood, and rosehips. This is a ten inch wreath that also includes Ilex berries.A 10" poinsettia in red. The greenhouse at Kirby's is a beautiful place to visit in Decemeber, with gorgeous, brilliant color from wall to wall.We ship apples from October 1st, until the second week in December to anywhere in the continental USA. Choose any combination of vairieties to sendas a gift or a treat for yourself. Pictured here is Empire and Crispin.


Fresh picked Romanesco, the perfect Christmas vegetable!_________________________________________________________________________________________

Stop by to say hello and Happy Holidays before December 24th!

Can you believe the 2011 season is almost over? We’ll only be open for twelve more days! We’re ready to help you prepare for a wonderful holiday season:

  • Locally made Gifts and Delicious Treats

  • Christmas Trees – Concolor, Douglas and Frasier Fir,

  • Handmade Wreaths

  • A variety of gorgeous Poinsettias

  • Traditional End of the Year Sales

  • Stock up on produce like apples, potatoes, onions, and squash for the winter.

Customer Appreciation Day 2011!

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By , November 11, 2011 5:07 pm

Every year on November 11th we have a celebration at Kirby’s to thank you, our customers.

We hope you can tell how much you’re appreciated all year long, whenever you step inside our market. But if you stop by the market today you’ll definitely find more then a smile and a helpful attitude!


  • All of our gift shop items are 20% off!

  • $2.00 off all apple shipping orders (today only)

  • Product Sampling and refreshments!

For product sampling this year we made the cornbread and chilli made from Country Home Creations mixes (both delicious!).

Try some homemade applesauce made with nothing but cinnamon, apples from our special Kirbygrown applesauce mix, and our own cider.

You can also sample “Mom’s Best” Applecake, and enjoy a free cup of fresh coffee or Kirby’s Hot Apple Cider to go with it.

It’s been hopping ever since we opened our doors at 10 am, with all sorts of people getting an early start on their holiday shopping. We hope you have a chance to stop in! We’re open until 6pm.


The Twelve Days of Gift Hunting

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By , December 14, 2010 10:48 pm

Are you starting to feel the crunch? Today is December 12th and sadly, we no longer have twelve days until Christmas. The deadline no longer creeps, it looms. In addition to deadlines, we have  the usual WNY winter weather, long lines, crazy traffic at the malls, and the guarantee of at least one challenging person on our list to contend with.

Kirby’s Farm Market is here to help! As I posted on facebook today, there are definitely benefits to taking your holiday shopping to the country.

* We have gobs of talented crafters out here creating quality gifts (by quality I mean the made-with-love-talent-and-pride type of quality). If you don’t have time for homemade, then handmade and local is the next best thing. (More on these talented people in a moment.)

*There may be a lot of myths about the country but this one is true – we’re all pretty laid back! Traffic is a tad more low key and lines are just a bit shorter (non-existent!) out here on the very Western edge of Monroe County. In the market the sound of Christmas music is relaxing, the glow of little lights and scent of balsam candles soothing…. sip a cup of hot, mulled cider as you wander, browsing in our gift shop.

*And finally, you know you can find something unique at Kirby’s for just about anyone on your list.  I have twelve suggestions…..


1. In the year that Tranquility Herbals has been around, we’ve seen a huge variety of herbal products come into the market. Jaime (Kirby) Brennan has been studying the art of herbology and applying it to the benefit of our every day lives. Nourishing teas to relax or invigorate, rubs for aching muscles, and a wonderful lip balm, just for a few examples. Show someone that you care about their health and well being by putting an herbal gift under the tree this year!


2. Men! They like to eat. For the men on your list we have a variety of mustards from Nunda, NY-  Peppercorn, Tangy, and Honey Brew are just a few options. Seawards Chocolates are always a good bet whether they like milk, white or dark, caramel, sponge, or assorted.We also have over 35 types of jams, butters, and preserves. From Apple to Quince, we’ve got your morning toast covered.


3. A Taste of NY! We will definitely start this gift off with a nice stash of Kirbygrown apples, and Kutter’s cheddar is always a perfectly complement to a  crisp, empire. Maple Syrup will be perfect alongside New Hope Mills Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Finish off this treasure trove of delicious NYS flavor with a jar of Doan’s Honey and some Maple Sugar Candy.


4. A Day at the Spa – you might not expect to create a Spa package at a farm market, but the price tag will be the most pleasant surprise. A bar of luxurious goat’s milk soap from Nanny Naturals, a hand-knit washcloth, Miracle Grains facial scrub and herbal facial steam from Tranquility Herbals, comes to a grand total of $20. Every bit of it is made in Orleans County.


5. Afternoon Tea – we now carry a selection of 25 different teas from Tranquility Herbals. Unique gifts for the tea-lover on your list includes a collapsible infuser (strainer),  a variety of lidded cups with tea infuser included, the “perfect scoop” to measure out loose leaf tea, and tea sets and mugs in hues of green and blue from local potter Deborah Wilson. Throw in a decorative and indestructible teabag saucer for good measure.


6. Windchimes! Definitely a unique gift.  I will be the first to admit that while we all know someone with half a dozen windchimes in their backyard, not everyone appreciates the musical partnership of mother nature and a set of metal pipes.  All we ask is that you stop by and play around with the dozens of windchimes we carry from Woodstock (another NY based company). Not only will the joyful poking and prodding of something that makes a lot of noise remind you of your childhood, the results of Woodstock’s creative material combinations may just win you over. Prices start under $10 with an adorable set that is also perfect as a tree ornament!


7. Holiday Color – a splash of red, an armful of blooms, poinsettias make excellent holiday gifts for the people on your list that don’t really need anything. Easy to care for with extremely long lasting ‘flowers’, they’ll brighten any room.  We still have a good selection of poinsettias in our greenhouse, but don’t wait too long! Certain colors are selling out.


8. For the organized person on your list (or maybe someone that could use a little more organization in their life) we have beautiful stationary. Notepads of all sizes, all under $5 and perfect for stocking stuffers or as a little gift. Tiny pocket sized; medium purse sized with matching pencil; and one with a magnet, perfect for jotting notes in the kitchen. We also have special calenders designed to sort out the events of the week, and big desk calenders, handy folders for phone numbers… even recipe cards! All with great art, all under $20.


9. For new arrivals – An adorable package from Tranquility Herbals created for new mothers and their little ones! Contains a hand-knit, organic washcloth, Rosy Bottom Salve, all-natural Baby Powder, and Cradle Cap Oil.


10. Scent with Love – Our collection of scented items has really grown this year.  We were excited to add Sandy Creek Candles of Kendall, NY in 2009 and 100% Essential Oils of Aura Cacia this year. Sandy Creek crafts wonderfully scented votive and jar soy candles that last 50% longer then traditional paraffin candles.  Holiday scents are Balsam, Cinnamon Strudel and Christmas Cabin. Or put together a little package of diffuser reeds, essential oil and a vessel of your choice for another way to scent the holidays. It’s as easy as that!


11. Sweet and Simple – pair any of our festive mugs with a carton of delicious hot chocolate mix from Aspen. We have 10 holiday mugs to choose from, as well as a selection of mugs that will be great for any season.


12. Haven’t heard the right one yet? A gift certificate from Kirby’s Farm Market is like giving someone hundreds of opportunities to choose from. Whether they decide on a gorgeous flowering plant next Spring, a basket of the world’s juiciest, freshest fruits in Summer (no, I’m not biased), or a wagonful of gourds and pumpkins in the Fall, we are here to show them the joys of homegrown. With four gorgeous WNY seasons, and hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables to choose from, they’ll have a lot of fun with that little piece of paper. Gift Certificates are available at Kirby’s in any amount.

* We would be happy to help you but together a special gift package. Place an order over the phone (585)637-2600 or at the market, and we’ll have it ready for you by Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Deck the Halls

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By , December 5, 2010 4:24 pm

Every November we go out into the cold to gather beautiful little bits of nature, stashing them away until it’s time to make wreaths for the holiday season. Rosehips, Juniper, Boxwood, Holly, as well as whatever seedpods we come across,  are carefully gathered. Bunched together with Pine, Balsam, and Fir or Eucalyptus, this great variety of everlasting materials creates wreathes of amazing texture and color. One of our favorite tasks of the season is working with these aromatic boughs to create unique wreaths and swags, ready for your doorway.

We also decorate our wreaths, both plain and mixed greens, with an array of sparkly and natural ornaments. Little bluebirds or cardinals, glittery sticks and leaves, silver or gold balls and colorful bows. With palettes of silver and blue, green and gold, red and gold, or the natural tones of pine cones, we have wreaths available to suit many tastes.

Do you have a special request? Place an order and we’ll make a wreath just for you! (585)637-2600.

Harvest Weekend Schedule of Events

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By , October 21, 2010 7:34 pm

In addition to scheduled events and demonstrations, we have Live Music, Local Artisans selling their wares, Food, Games, a Scavenger Hunt, Wagon Rides, and A Homegrown Dessert Contest!  Rain or shine! Click here for details.


11:00 : Festival Opens!

11-5 : Cordwood Masonry Demonstration with Peter Turkow of Rochester Green Living

11-2 : Dry Stone Masonry Demonstration with Scott George

11:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

1:30 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

2:00 : Drum Circle

2:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

3:00 : Test the Farmer

4:00 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

5:00 : Festivities end until tomorrow, rain or shine!

7pm : Market closes for the day.


11:00 : Festival Opens!

11-2 : Dry Stone Masonry Demonstration with Scott George

11:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

1:30 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

2:00 : Drum Circle

2:30 : Pottery Demonstration with Deborah Wilson

3:00 : Test the Farmer

4:00 : Soap making Demonstration with Nanny Naturals

5:00 : Special Unveiling

5:15 : Please join us for cake and refreshments to celebrate our 40th anniversary!

Learning! at Harvest Weekend

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By , October 21, 2010 3:30 am

As we start setting up for the big event this weekend, we’re particularly excited about the local people sharing their work with demonstrations.

Teapot, cup and colander by local potter Deborah Wilson.

Dry Stonewall Masonry with Scott George – If you’ve ever tried to put a stone wall together (or even a little edging for your garden) you know that this craft is a lot more complicated then it looks. Pick up some tips from an artist in the trade at Harvest Weekend. Saturday and Sunday, 11-2pm, a unique stone wall will grow in our display area between the market and the greenhouse.

Soapmaking with Nanny Naturals - With a few basic ingredients and a little chemistry know-how, fabulous bars of wonderfully scented soap are born. Learn about the process, check out their very extensive collection of scents, and meet a few of their partners in soap! Rumor has it that tiny, adorable, baby goats will be making an appearance.

Hand-thrown Pottery with Deborah Wilson – One of our very first Featured Local Artisans, we’ve enjoyed having the beautiful and functional pottery of Deborah Wilson at the market for several years. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see a talented potter in action! Visit her display area near the Potting Shed at 11:30 and 2:30 for demonstrations.

Cordwood Masonry and Green Roofs with Peter Turkow
– Cordwood Masonry is a sustainable building method that uses materials readily available in WNY. In his own words: “One of my personal favorites because of my own life experience, cordwood construction is fast becoming a popular form of sustainable construction in the US and abroad. A cost-efficient (can be built mortgage-free) and sustainable building method utilizing log ends (usually 12-24” in length) laid transversely in a mortar matrix consisting of sand, Portland cement, hydrated lime, and soaked sawdust.  Cordwood construction takes advantage of a dual layer wall system similar to a double paned window. The cavity between the inside and outside mortar walls is insulated with a mix of sawdust and a small amount of lime (rodent repellent) that keeps the home cool in the summer and holds in the heat in the winter.” See the Rochester Green Living site to learn more.

Locally Grown Gifts

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By , May 27, 2010 2:31 am

The farm is such a busy place, it’s really difficult to pick one thing to write about! A few upcoming posts will highlight what’s in our greenhouse, our Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM, otherwise known as “good bugs that eat bad bugs”) some of our favorite new perennials and native plants, and a crop update, so stay tuned!

For now, let’s talk about some of the great locally grown gifts we have in the market giftshop. Carrying handmade gift items adds a bright spot to our day. We like seeing the displays of pottery, baskets, knit items and purses, created by our friends and neighbors instead of in a factory overseas. Please keep these folks in mind the next time you need to buy a little something for a special gift!

Teapot, cup and colander by local potter Deborah Wilson.

Deborah Wilson was our very first featured local artisan, and her pottery is definitely on the best sellers list. Beautiful bowls, plates, mugs, casseroles, teapots, and pitchers in gorgeous glazes of blue, green or brown.

Three decorative picture frames in vintage patterns by Brooke Albanese.

Brooke Albanese of I Feel Like Dreamin’ uses decorative paper to create stylish picture frames and little gift boxes. This year we’re also excited to have hand knit items from Brooke. Felted bowls and baskets, cup cozies (keep your hand cool and your drink hot!) and wash cloth sets. The colors and textures are beautiful.

Colorful quilted purses made in Barre, NY.

Sue Gaylard of Pursenality creates colorful quilted handbags that are so much fun! The patterns are great and they come in all sorts of themes. Bright and cheery or soft and subtle, a great way to make your wardrobe more interesting.


We are also featuring the basket weaving of Jan Ferries. Unique, one of a kind baskets, no two are alike. We love the leather or wood handles, different textures and colors.

Our goal is to increase the percentage of items from local artisans every year. If you or someone you know is interested in working with us, just give us a call (585)637-2600 or bring in a sample.

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